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choco-pan cake decorating images

(left) Kim Simmons (right) Jean Schapawal

Crafted with the artist in mind, professional bakers and pastry chefs around the world use Choco-Pan products to model stunning sculptures and figurines. Our gourmet quality products are unique because the chocolate base delivers exceptional taste and workability.

choco-pan product line, fondant, modeling chocolate, gumpaste

Used for covering cakes and decorating cookies, cupcakes and more.

• Made with white chocolate• Firm, yet malleable• Holds it shape but can be reworked• Superior Chocolate Flavor• Kosher Dairy

Modeling Chocolate

Used primarily for sculptures or figurines as it remains workable for long periods of time.

• Great chocolate flavorand texture• Firm, yet malleable• Holds it shape butcan be reworked• Mix with fondant for amore pliable medium• Kosher Dairy

Gum Paste

Used for modeling and flower work as it dries hard and fast.

• Fast drying time• Dries hard and strongwith no cracking• Hint of Citrus Flavor• Allergen Free, no eggs used

choco-pan cake decorating images

(left) Natalie Sideserf (right) Hemu Basu